(applies to all)

We require all campers to be 21+. This is due to the New York state drinking law. Anyone found on premises under 21 years old will be asked to leave.

1.Quiet hours are from 11:59PM until 9AM,. Music, conversations, etc. can carry a long way in the night so please, keep it down for all to enjoy their stay. Sounds will carry across the river! Please be courteous of both campgrounds!

2. No storage under campers! Please keep your site neat and tidy

3. No permanent structures! Any questions please see Phyllis

4. All animals are to be either on a lead/chain within your site or your site must be fenced off (only perms may fence their site).

5. Do not leave food out on the picnic tables unless you are around! Keep your coolers either in the tent/camper with you or make sure it is animal proof. Raccoons are great at opening coolers and the red squirrels LOVE Doritos!

6. Please do not wash your pots/pans/dishes in the sink in the bathroom. Use either the cold water faucets around the sites or heat up some water over your fire

7. No scooters, mini-bikes, ATV’s allowed. Perms may have golf carts with proof of insurance

8. Do not move fire rings or picnic tables without checking with a perm or the office

9. Camp fires must be of reasonable height. Please be aware of low hanging branches. No bon fire sized fires on any sites! If the county is under a burn ban, you will be notified upon check-in

10. We expect you to have fun but excessive use of alcohol will not be tolerated. The 1st incident we will discuss it with you. There will be no 2nd incident

11. Keep speed to 5mph or under please.

12. All garbage is to be removed and thrown out in the provided dumpster. We have bins in the pavilion for redeemable bottles & cans

13. Please do not cut through sites.

14. No cutting of trees or branches. There is a lot of downed wood throughout the campground

15. With the exception of medical emergency, please call the office before calling 911. If 911 is called, please state you are at On the River and meet the police @ the entrance on Route 74

16. The pavilion is for all to use and enjoy. We have a small stereo set up for anyone to use and certain lights set for use. Please do not use the main stereo equipment or the lights not easily accessed.

17. When you leave the pavilion, please make sure the lights and stereo are off. If found to be left on, the owners reserve the right to remove these from general use